Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wow, it has been some time hasn't it? Life has gone by in a blink of an eye.  And for whatever reason, I came back to the blog today to update.  I didn't realize I had any readers...but because there may be people out there going through the same thing...I will continue to write.  I always joke about how one day I will write a book about this craziness I have lived through with this man.  So here is my update.

It is now September of 2014.  I am STILL living in the family home.  I am pretty sure I updated that after I had moved out to an apartment before, that I waited for that lease to expire and moved back to the house.  I had other plans that I needed to carry out and I couldn't do it living in an apartment with all of my things still at the house.  Well and the fact that it was costing me almost $1000 to live there on a part time basis.  Anyway...I won't try to bring up stuff I've already wrote about...I wanna just talk about things going on now and probably just since my last post.

Cole turned 46 this summer.  He is STILL with and living with the OW, who turned 66 this past spring.  I know age probably isn't that big of a deal but I still don't understand it so I am constantly bringing up age.  I just can't wait till she's 70 and he's 50...haha. Cole continues to this VERY day to hang out at the family home.  I just woke up this morning to find him in the "office" on his laptop that he leaves here.  I am annoyed! I haven't been able to live MY life and have him 100% out of my life in almost 6 years!  I hate waking up to the sound of his voice on the phone with people, while he is in MY house.  At times I come home from work and find him hanging out in the living room with our 17 year old daughter.  He is here ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY!  How does this OW live with this??  He leaves her every single morning to drive over to my house (20 miles away) to take our daughter to school.  Well the reason for that is a whole nother' story.  Our daughter totaled her car in January so she has no way to school.  I guess I should be thankful that he is willing to drive her to school everyday instead of asking me to do it.  I'll come back to this part.

Anyway.....Cole has not been working a real job, a normal job, a money making job in 5 years.  He says he is living on credit.  He still pays all of the bills at the family house. I pay for nothing.  I am sure it's all guilt and trying to get out last daughter at home, through her senior year without having to displace her. He continues to make life pretty easy financially for me.  Emotionally is a whole nother' ballgame....but I am lucky that money is not one of the worries that I have to deal with.  I am sure that one of the  reasons that  I probably stay in the house and put up with his being here all the time, is for the money I am saving for that rainy day...away from him.  Mama always told me to stash that money. I am a smart girl.

I don't really ask too many questions about where Cole gets his money.  OW is very rich, but he told  me a long time ago that she is not giving him any of her money. I don't believe him, but I really don't care.  I do know that he has dropped the amount of child support he had been giving me.  It is still pretty substantial for having one 17 year old at home, so I don't bitch about the amount. 

Here is what is bothering me lately.  Keep in mind, I really try NOT to let anything get to me too much...but it's because Cole is constantly around that I can't help but see certain things going on.  So Cole has befriended my daughters best friends' mother.  Her name is Anna.  Because my daughter is such a daddy's girl, there are a lot of times she will ask her father to do things for her instead of me.  Recently he did a favor for my daughter and Anna's daughter and because of that, Anna wanted to take Cole out and treat him to dinner along with another mom and her husband. I think this is where the "spark" happened between these two.  Well to make this story short, Cole has been meeting up with Anna for coffee in the mornings after he drops off my daughter at school.  He doesn't know that I know.  There was another day where Cole was at the house and he was showing me a picture of something on his phone, and as I was looking at the picture...a text from Anna scrolled across his phone.  I couldn't help but think to myself...."so you cheated on me, and left me for another you're living with another woman and you are sneaking to meet up and have coffee and texting yet another woman??"  Lord help me.  I can't wait to get away from this man FOREVER!

The time is near.  My daughter graduates  in May 2015 and will be going off to college as soon as she graduates.  She will be going to another state where her older sister is.  I will be back to being kid-less and single.  Such a weird thought. I am excited in a's when my life with Cole will begin.  He still has trouble with me talking about the fact that I am thinking of moving out of state and away from all this craziness.  He actually gets angry with me when I wanna talk about what we will be doing with the house. He refuses to discuss it with me.

Leaving my house/home will be hard.  I am starting to make a list of the things I will miss and the things I won't miss so that I can justify my feelings about leaving it.  We have stairs in my home and I have fallen down them several times and been injured severely twice (broken leg and almost broke my tailbone another time)  I WON'T miss these stairs! I will miss the things that I designed and had custom done to the home (when Cole had some money and was allowing me to change things)  However, I should rather look forward to having my own home and doing things to that home, on my own.  I will always have ME, and I will always have my sense of design and artistic ability and can always re-create things even better in a new place. 

Anyway, off to work I go...more soon...and hopefully not a year later.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something that is bothering me.........

I have told myself to stop sleuthing anything more about Cole. It's almost like punishment to myself when I find out something...and it always hurts to the core. But there is something that I have found out and I am trying not to analyze it...but dammit, I am and at least I can blog about it and "oh well, who cares"....but I logged into his flower shop account that he uses to send flowers to whomever. It was pretty simple to figure out (he is so predictable)....I have had access to it since he met Jolene. I have seen every bouquet or flowers he has sent her along with the message on the card. And of course I see all the bouquets he has sent me in the last few years too. I have actually seen the orders before they are even delivered at times. I found it funny once (this was last year 2011) where he sent both myself and his affair partner flowers for Valentines Day. I bet the people at the florist shop where laughing their asses off at the stupidity of this man...but anyway....before they were even delivered...I had the opportunity to compare how he selected each arrangement and what he said on each card. I think it was at this time that I had that virtual slap in the face...when I saw that Jolene's flowers were called "Purest Passion" and were a mixture of red roses and white lily's and her card was signed..."Happy Valentines Day...I Love You...Love Cole" and MY flowers were Pink roses...and basically said...Have a good day...Love Cole. 

Just recently as a few weeks ago, I made the mistake of going in again to see that he has sent her anniversary flowers. And on the card he writes, "3 years! Dinner tomorrow! Pick you up at 6:30!" Well this is where I begin to get mad. I was with this man for 18 years and NOT ONCE....NOT ONCE!!! Did I EVER ....get flowers to signify or celebrate the length of time we were together. NOT ONCE....did I get him asking or telling me that he was taking me to dinner and be ready by 6:30.....I washed this mans' dirty underwear, took care of his kids and his house, and made dinner and stayed up late most nights trying to get it all done. I just don't get it....I told one of my girlfriends about this the other day and she says'..."he's doing this...because he is in LOVE with her!"  Wow...I feel like I've been thrown under a bus. Oh and to top it off, he also signified the 3 years of sending 3 dozen red roses. However...I laugh my ass off....just a little...because I used to tell him that red roses were too easy. You open a website and the first page is splashed with red roses. How easy is just pick one and fill out the forms and payment information and send it off. I find it funny that after I said that to him...I never got red roses again. I always got pretty elaborate arrangements after that....Never just because...mainly on Mothers Day and my birthday and always "from the kids"...but he is now sending HER the easy to order red roses...ha ha.  Ironically is my birthday tomorrow...and I have just seen an order go through that same flower shop. He has ordered 2 arrangements..and of course much bigger and better than HERS! for my birthday. He did NOT sign the card from himself though...only from the kids...I just find that so weird. I mean I get that my kids probably do want to get their mom something for her birthday...but what ex goes out and pays $235 for flowers.

Ah well...not to be analyzed anymore. I have to let him go. I have to.....He is IN LOVE...and he just needs to go BE IN LOVE.  He has been trying to make small talk with me via text. Nothing really all that exciting...just asking me stuff about the house...telling me about my dog (my dog is with him right now as are my kids...spending a month out of town with him)...He is being cordial...civil to me. We have nothing else to say to each other. I wished him a HAPPY FATHERS DAY via text...he replied "thank you"...and that was it.

I have decided that once the kids have graduated high school that I am leaving for good. I suppose I could do that now...and the idea is constantly in my head. Why wait? I could have a very normal life if I just left. Writing this blog makes me want to do it sooner than later. I think I am scared to just GO. Getting the apartment was my getting my feet wet. I have done this in the past with my ex husband and a boyfriend, so why is it so hard to leave this one?! This ONE has treated me the far. He will argue that fact and say that he treated me like a Queen. Yeah gave me everything I ever asked for when it came to material things...well maybe not everything...but you did do very well on that part. However...Your lack of LOVE...AND COMMUNICATION...and LOYALTY...AND EMOTIONAL CONNECTION does not get over looked just because you were a good provider. YOU SUCKED at emotionally connecting to me!

And someone that I talked to today...suggested that "Maybe he never loved you"...OUCH! But I think she was right. He just never did. He didn't pursue me when he met me...I pursued him. I was the one that walked up to him and introduced myself and said "let's dance"...he didn't go after me. In fact, he tried to dump me once and then didn't speak to me for 2 months after that...and I was the STUPID one that called him. Once I did that, he figured that I was after him...again..and that he could play me...again  and he did and had for 18 years. Not really sure what was in it for him...but I am thinking "children"...he wanted children and the women he liked, were not suitable to be the type of mother he wanted for his kids...I was. Yet he was not in love with me. It's sad..but I am pretty sure it is the truth. 

And now we are back to not speaking....again!

It is amazing how fast time flies...I really need to blog more often because it helps tremendously in getting all of my thoughts out.  So quick update since last blog post. Shortly after that post, things did seem to change some. Cole flew out of town to his next "big work project"...1000+ miles away from me and the kids. I started to get texts in the morning saying "Good Morning! Hope you have a great day!! And then each evening, "Sweet Dreams, Good Night!"  So I started replying back to him, "You too!" etc. Then we started sending these stupid little animations that I had found on the App Store. Basically you find the animation you want and then you copy and paste it into your text. Some of them are pretty cute. Well Cole was having a "HeyDey" with them and I would get 3-4 or more a day. I actually kind of enjoyed seeing which ones he would come up with.  We didn't talk about Jolene. His stuff was back in my closet and that was a start for me.

Some of the stuff he brought home was in a Rubbermaid bin. While Cole was over at Jolene's and the kids were at school, I decided to go through some of those bins. In one of them I found 7+ greeting cards from Jolene. They ranged from Happy Birthday Honey, to Merry Christmas Sweetheart...Happy Anniversary, and your typical..."I Love You Because...."  (BARF)....My eye instantly went to our big ol' heavy duty shredder machine. I sat next to that shredder and sent every one of those stupid cards through that shredder. I read every single word she wrote before I sent HER through that shredder. Call  me crazy...but it felt damn good. He still doesn't know that I have done this. I doubt he will even miss those cards. Cole is not a card person. When we first met I used to send the little LOVE cards too...but I quickly found out that he wasn't that into them (or maybe he just wasn't that into me) at any rate...he did not reciprocate any cards back to me..nor did he seem to get all warm and fuzzy because he received one from me.

So anyway...back to the whole texting flirtation thing going on. I have to felt good to finally be getting some attention from Cole. About 3 weeks had gone by...and on one of those nights of sending out our random cutesie poo texts...he didn't respond to a "sweet dreams" one that I had sent. I thought it was kind of strange because he usually replied pretty quickly...and if not quickly...then at least within 30 minutes. I then tried calling him and no answer. Again, I was was kind of confused but it finally started to dawn on me...Jolene had flown to see him and she was there. Wow...I was starting to feel like the other woman....and I will be damned if I am anyone's "other woman."  Before I jumped to conclusions, I decided to wait and see if he would bother to send me a goodnight text...and sure enough he finally did about an hour later. I grabbed my cell and called him again. I figured that this time, he will answer because he just now sent me that text. He didn't answer. I instantly started to feel like CRAP.  I send out another text, "IS someone there with you right now?"...and he didn't reply right away....but he then texted back, "Yes, someone flew in and is here now". I then went OFF on him. I told him to fuck off...and to leave me alone and that we are never going to work it out and that I was done. He never replied after that. I don't know what I was expecting. I guess I expected Cole to tell her NO when she wanted to fly in to see him there. But he didn't, and he allowed her to come.

Since then we haven't really spoken to each other anymore. I have pretty much decided that I am not playing anymore stupid silly games with Cole. It's been a rough road for me. It has been hard for me to let go...but I have to. It's not getting me anywhere and all I am doing is getting older and I'm miserable. Cole instantly tells our kids that "mom is mad at me....again."  I don't get why he feels the need to tell our kids that I am mad at him....I guess he is trying to make himself look like the victim as usual.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ugh, this man CONFUSES ME!!!

So I hadn't heard from 'Cole in at least 6 weeks. He avoided me like crazy. Didn't call or talk to me...and then one weekend he came home from working out of town...saw me in the bedroom and gave me a HUGE hug and kiss. Weird. Then he just held onto me. He kept saying how he had been dreaming about me and that he missed me so much. Within a few days I noticed clothing coming back into the house and being hung up in his (our) closet. He began pulling stuff from Jolene's place and bringing it home. I didn't know how to react, although part of me got a bit excited, giddy if you will....I felt like, "Ya..finally...Cole and Jolene are breaking up!" But at the same time, I worried about my own relationship with Mark. I like him, maybe even in love with him. I don't want to hurt him, at all. the first night Cole came back, he tried to sleep with me. Dammit! WHY???!! He doesn't get it. Why does he think sex is what I want?? Why does he think that will fix things between us. Well I stood my ground. He didn't get any. We kissed for a little bit. It felt familiar. It wasn't bad...but I kept thinking about Mark.  I was mad at Cole for even thinking I would just get into bed with him. He says to me later on the next day, "I wish that you were sluttier"....Yeah, NO. Dude I will NEVER BE SLUTTIER. You are the slut!

And how does he even say this?? OMG. What a douchebag. Well he was here at the house all weekend. He told me that I should still get rid of the apartment and stay at the house. I'm going to. I will definitely save some money and fight for this house again. I don't need the apartment. It was fun...but the next time I leave this house, it's gonna be for good and my kids are going with me. It could be as soon as next month, three months, next year..I don't know. All I know is that right now, I am milking him as much as I can. And I'm happy to say...that I got $1900 out of Cole today for new rims and tires on my car. BAM! Now all I have to do is be nice to him, let him have his little affair partner...and let him hang out at his house. I literally have to put on the happy face...he wants to have his cake and eat it too?? Fine, I will too. I have my boyfriend Mark, the house, money when I want it...and I don't have to sleep with Cole (puke). 

Problem is...I do still have feelings for Cole. I don't know why. Call me crazy. It's such a weird thought. I think about him ALL the time...but when he is around me..I cringe. I can't stand to have him touch me. What is wrong with me??! I miss him soooo much, but at the same time...the minute he tries to hug me or want a kiss goodbye, I go back into this little shell. I think I do this partly because I know he is still with Jolene, and also that I don't want to cheat on Mark. My mind is conditioned to believe that he MUST be done with Jolene entirely, to even BEGIN TO TRY ANYTHING WITH ME in regards to getting me back. I don't know if he can get me back. I feel like I am the third person saying this, "I don't know if you can really ever get her back Cole, something died inside of her, for you."

Cole sat me down yesterday and this is what he said to me:


Yet where is he tonight? At Jolene's...I rest my case.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wow, almost a year has gone by...Lots to update on.

I can't believe that it has been 10 months since my last blog post. I really should blog more often. It really is therapeutic in some ways. It's a good way to remind myself of how mental of a man he was.

So in my last post 10 months ago, I claimed that I was stupid. Well since then this girl has grown some balls. I never did hook up with Rob. My mind really just wasn't ready to have a relationship. Not only that, I really wasn't interested in seeing someone long distance. I did meet someone while at work. He was a customer that came into my business. At the time, Cole and I were and had been still "off"..Not a couple, not back together. I was probably still pretty much Debbie Doormat though cause I was allowing him to just come over whenever he felt like it and hang out with the kids. The last time in May where I mentioned that we had slept together, was our LAST time. I was strong enough to cut that off completely. I was stupid about letting him step over that boundary. He was getting sex from 2 different women on a regular basis, that is pretty flipping stupid...On my part.
Anyway, so I meet this guy...younger guy and we just have this casual chit chat conversation about relationships and it turns out that his wife had cheated on him and left him. They had been separated for about 4 months I guess when we met. He asked me if I would like to go meet up with some of his friends and play trivia at the bar a few doors down from my business. I said 'sure'...I thought it sounded like fun since I LOVE trivia games. I had absolutely no attraction to this guy right off the bat. I honestly thought it would just be a group of friends hanging out playing a game, so I waited about a week and I went. I ended up going to a couple of nights out. Trivia at the bar was only on Thursday nights, so I would either go right after work or go home, feed the girls and then go back up to play. It only lasted about 2 hours then I would go home.

So I'm trying to sort of summarize up to where I am now in March of 2012...but let's just say that the invitation to trivia turned into my seeing this guy and dating this guy and sleeping with this guy. How's that for in a nutshell?  I think one of our first dates was that he invited me to a wedding, so I went as his date. We didn't sleep together probably for at least 2 months. It did start to turn serious. I think that I was so emotionally drained by Cole, that I was like a starving kitten. I lapped up the flattery,  he would tell me how beautiful I was, he respected me, admired me, he just loved everything about me. I got flowers all the time for no reason, we went to movies, dinner, concerts, trivia, BBQ's, the fair and so much more. We had a lot in common and enjoyed each other company. It wasn't about sex at all. Part of me was worried about my betraying Cole now. Well let me see how I justified it. I wasn't married to Cole, he never wanted to marry me. He left me to be with another woman a year and half prior. He had more than one chance give to him to come back and make it right, and always fucked that up. He always chose Jolene over me when I would ask him if he had to make a decision right now who would he pick. Hmm, what else? Oh where he told me that he could NEVER be faithful to me. He also told me to "go do my thing" and that he was gonna "do his thing" and that he did not answer to me, nor was I his keeper. I think that pretty much gave me the go ahead to see who I wanted to see. So I started seeing Mark.

It was shortly after I started seeing Mark that Cole started to stalk me. Before I get into more of this craziness. I have to let on where I made a HUGE mistake in all this. I'm not sure if I had mentioned it before...but when I got my apartment...I did not leave all the way out of our home. The problem is that Cole works out of town most of the week, so leaving the home would have left it empty...with dogs in the backyard...some expensive electronics just sitting in the fridge...and basically a home that nobody lives in. So I come up with this grand idea to stay in the house during the week with the kids while Cole is out of town working..and then when he comes back on the weekends...he can stay in the house with the kids..and I will go off to my apartment and have my own private life and relationship with Mark. Lets just say that didn't work out so much. It worked up until New Years Eve. Cole had been telling me all year long that I could have the house, that it was stupid of me to keep paying rent at an apartment and that he was never in town anyway, so that I should just move back to the house entirely. I was in the transition of doing that...but my lease on my apartment was not over till April of 2012.

 I don't think Cole really knew a whole lot of what was going on with Mark and I. He decided he would find out on his own. I guess I was expecting him to be nonchalant about the fact that I was seeing someone. I thought that is what he wanted, was for me to leave him alone and let him have his OW. He wasn't happy about it in the least bit. So back to the stalking...he would literally be sitting in a parking lot watching me kiss Mark goodbye or would show up at my apartment early like 5:30 am I think hoping to catch Mark there. I never let Mark spend the night with me, knowing that Cole was doing this. I was afraid of what would happen if the two ever met up. Well one night they did. Not at the apartment, but at trivia. Cole found out that I was at trivia with Mark and decided to come down and start trouble. He basically told Mark that he was no good, that he was still married (divorce was pending and I'm happy to report divorce is now final between Mark and his never was an issue...she left him and never came back)....Cole was just being this super asshole. I was like, "wow...are you serious??" I'm really not sure what prompted this behavior but it looked like a green monster. Cole told Mark that he BETTER take the picture of himself with me, OFF of his facebook or else!! Cole said that he didn't need his kids seeing a picture of the two of us...wait a minute, what?? You're gone!! My kids don't or didn't care that I found someone else...they knew about Mark, they had met Mark...our picture on facebook was normal..Just two people smiling for the camera. Well Cole insisted that Mark take that picture a few days later I just asked Mark to do it...just to keep the peace for me when I was around Cole.

I think that for Mark....that the months of June thru January were HELL for both of us. We broke up several times because Cole was just trying to sabotage us in whatever way he could find. Whether it be the stalking or the threat of throwing me and all my stuff out of the house for good. I was on such a roller coaster, still......Cole did not want me back. It wasn't like he was saying "Hey..lets make this work..I'll do anything just to get you back. Let me show you how much I want you back, Let me come home, Let's go to counseling"...None of that...All Cole wanted to do, was act like a jealous crazy person. I was trying to be "friends" with Cole...part of me still loved him and I thought maybe someday he would snap out of it and would want to go to counseling and figure things out. I reserved a tiny spot of hope for that to happen. I hadn't shut that door all the way.  But in the meantime, I just couldn't stop seeing Mark...I had finally met someone who knew how to treat women. I mean all the years of dating so many different men, I had never dated a "nice guy". I liked the bad boys...not the nice guys. Well age must have changed me, or it was probably Cole who did...but I was liking this nice guy. Poor Mark though. He has been through so much with me. All of my crazy emotions over Cole and this house and moving out and having our own time without crazy person bothering us. has been a rough year.

In February of this year...the shit with Cole finally hit the fan. I had gone out with Mark on a Saturday night. I didn't report to anyone what I was doing. The kids (teenagers mind you ,who are now 16 and 15) were with Cole. He had been out of town for 2 weeks and I figured that Saturday night would be the perfect night for him to spend some quality time with his girls. SO I went out with Mark to celebrate his birthday with him. We took a cab to go out, and left my car at my apartment. When we left the bar at midnight, we came back to the apartment and the idea was that I was gonna let Mark stay the night in my apartment and that I was gonna take a cab home to my house..Keep in mind that I was pretty much back staying in the house and Cole was staying with Jolene when he was in town. She lives about 25 miles from our house. When Mark and I got back to the apartment, I didn't feel so good and thought I might get sick. We both went up to my apartment and I laid down on the bed to stop the feeling of sickness. I began to spin. I think I had way too many shots. So Mark kept telling me that I should probably get home...and just then a pounding came at my door. I knew who it was. Cole had finally caught Mark at my apartment. I don't know what I was thinking. I was thinking that Cole was going to be civil and calm, so I stupidly answered the door. Well as soon as I unlocked the door, Cole was in my apartment...He pushed me pretty hard out of the way and went after Mark. He struck Mark in the mouth with an open fist I guess. I know it wasn't a closed fist...then I tried to get in between and Cole pushed me down like a ragdoll into my bedside table. It was crazy. I then told Cole to knock it off or that I was gonna call the police and he threatened that if I did that, that he would yank everything I have ever had away from me. Well 3 months prior he started yanking things away anyway. He closed my bank account on me that I have had for 16 a matter of minutes and without my consent. He had also told me back then to get all of my shit out of HIS house. So I had an idea of what kind of evil this man was. I started to go for the phone, and he again warned me. Well little did I know..that Mark had dialed 911 on his cell phone and then had let the phone sit on the bed while Cole continued to rant and rave what a horrible mother I was and how I should be home with my kids...blah blah blah. I continued to tell Cole..."I left my kids with you...did I get a phone call from you letting me know you were dropping them at their sisters house?" Well the ironic thing is that my 16 year old drives and has her own car. So they stayed at their sisters house (my daughter from first marriage) till 1 am...playing board games. Apparently Cole was disgusted after seeing Marks face book page via my oldest daughter who is a mutual face book friend and he left in a huff about 7 pm. and went back over to Jolenes house. Well my 15 year old called her father at 1:30 am to tell him that they just got home and that I was not at home. So Cole drove 25 miles from his woman's bed....or rather...his affair partners beat up the guy I'm dating. Go figure!!! A phone call would have worked buddy.

Needless to say, the police showed up...Cole was cuffed and arrested (first time ever at 43 years old) and spent the night in jail. He was let out the next day at 2 pm and since then has left me alone. It has been one month since that night. He doesn't call for NOTHING now. He doesn't even communicate with me about our children. He communicates with me, thru our children. How's that for childish. If there is something he wants me to know, he tells one of our teenagers. Oh and he told me that I had to be OUT OF HIS HOUSE by March 30th...well tomorrow is the 30th and I haven't done much on packing. I'm working on it, but I'm gonna take my sweet time. I lived with him for 17 years, and I have a lot of crap to go through and boxes to pack. 

The court hearing is on March 30th...tomorrow...I will update the blog if anything happens. I doubt anything will happen to him. I do hope they sentence him to counseling and maybe anger management. Ironically I watched the movie "Enough" with Jennifer Lopez...and saw some behavior in the male character that I could relate with. More of an update and then back on track...with my life in blog.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am stupid :(

So I have really been working hard to move on with my life. The problem is, is that when I do this it brings Cole around. He is mental. I have come to understand this. He keeps showing up in weird places as if he is stalking me. I was parked at a diner at 8:30 on a Sunday morning...having breakfast with my grandson..when all of a sudden Cole shows up and sits down with us.  2 hours later he was booking a flight with Jolene and himself. I suppose she flew with him to stay with him for the week while he worked out of town.

This past weekend he came to our house and stayed with our kids while I flew out of town to visit some friends. The night before he left we went to dinner with our children and then I left and went to my apartment. At 5:30 am in the morning he shows up at my apartment, knocking on the door. He is sick!!! Stupid me lets him in and you know what happens after that. So I ended up going out of town. He took me to the airport and kissed me goodbye in front of our kids. The manipulation continues and no one is to blame but myself. I had him pick me up from the airport and then we went to lunch together...then back to our house.  We ended up sleeping together again. Later on he flew out of town again...and I found out that he was going to book a flight to go see Jolene, but at the last minute he changed it.

I need to stop this and I need to stop it now...for my own sanity. He is cake eating in a big way. I am not going to reveal to him any longer about the things I know. It doesn't do me any good. If anything I will use the information as a means to keep myself away from him knowing that he is cake eating.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Weekend and The Argument

Since my move out on April 1, I have been trying to stay away from Cole. It really feels so much better for me when I don't have to see him or hear about how or what he is doing. It's hard when you have kids, because I know when he is calling my kids...and I try to block it out and go in another room. Just hearing that ring tone on my daughters cell phone can be a buzzkill for me.

Even though in a perfect world, I would like Cole back and for him to come crawling begging for forgiveness and to come back home and change, want counseling etc. I really don't think that is going to happen. I hold out somewhat though. I still think that the person he is now, is someone I don't know. There is someone who has been supporting me through some of this and who actually would be THE perfect husband/family man...and pretty much everything I want. We'll call him Rob. I am not using Rob...I do like talking to him...some days he sets me straight and back on the right road. He knows all about what is going on with Cole and I. Rob and I have not dated, nor have we been together intimately. I believe there was a quick kiss way back in Sept...when I was deeply hurt and confused by what is going on with Cole...I think at the time I was trying to sweep my feelings under a rug and not think about my life. Rob and I do not live in the same state. Some days I think that is really good, because I probably would be in my own affair...but other days I think that I would never do that until I am absolutely 100% done with Cole. Rob is single...there is no wife/girlfriend etc...

Anyway..Rob keeps asking me if he can come visit me...I said yes and then changed my mind and made up a story that Cole wasn't able to keep the kids this weekend. BUT...I made Cole think that I needed him to stay with the kids all weekend because Rob was coming into town. On Friday night, Cole did keep the kids at our home...while I stayed in my apartment. I didn't tell Cole that Rob really wasn't coming, I wanted him to think that I was busy with a new man. I heard absolutely nothing from Cole or kids all night Friday night. I got up Saturday morning and went to work all day. To be continued...